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Q. Can I rent a surfboard in USA?

A. Yes, these days there are more places but as we are direct importers, we supply everyone else with their boards! Here at the ashram surf retreat you can get any watersport board you need, we have the largest selection and best price if you want to buy.

Q. Do you give surf lessons, teach learning to surf, surf instruction, surf school and accommodate surfing for beginners?

A. Yes. Surfing lessons are available at a reasonable rate, and after careful consideration of the individuals’ fitness level & time, place and circumstances. Surf school is reserved for guests of our ashram surf retreat. We teach surfing for beginners and always try to make sure our guests are not put into circumstances (waves) far beyond their level of competence.

Q. Are there any other water sports at your surf and yoga retreat?

A. Sure, we have it all. Stand up paddle (sup), wakeboarding, kneeboarding, bodyboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, even jet skiing! Soon to add windsurfing and waterskiing too. We have 4 guest rooms at our ashrama just a paddle away from several surf breaks and two big rivers for the rest.

We recommend our ashram surf retreat for people who love surfing and all watersports and can respect and enjoy the serenity of an ashram environment.

Q. Do I need a visa to come to USA?

A. Yes, you need a visa to come to USA and you can get the visa from the india embassy or consulate general in your country.

Q. Where is the best surf spots in USA?

A. Check out our website [USA surf spots] for that information. We list the places we know of, but much of india’s coast is still unexplored.

Q. What is the best all around surfing season? Are there waves year round in USA?

A. Please read our section on india surf spots.

Q. What is the best mode of travel in USA?

A. The best way to travel when looking for surf in USA is to have your own vehicle and a lot of time [and petrol cash] on your hands. Even better is to travel with us on a guided surf tour. You can also travel by train, bus and plane.

Q. Can I backpack around USA with a surfboard?

A. Yes. But backpacking in USA with a long board is not easy, so in that case it is better to carry a short board [the shorter the better].

Q. How much will it cost me to travel in USA?

A. Prices in india are fast catching up to the rest of the modern world. You can travel on a “Shoe string” or you can travel and spend money like there was no tomorrow — that is india today. We recommend the midrange travel budget. That way you will experience the real india and save money in the process. For safety and health reasons it is better to avoid cheap restaurants and over crowded places where foreigners gather in big numbers. In other words, avoid the tourist traps.

You can fly, train, bus or a combination thereof, to just about any destination you want to go in india. But travel in india, even at its best, is energy and time consuming. A decent (somewhat clean) hotel room in a city will cost you around $60-$130 [us] and up per day. A hired car with driver will cost you around $70 [us] per day. Meals are… Well you get what you pay for. There are plenty of good vegetarian restaurants in every indian city to choose from but we recommend eating higher end if you want to avoid stomach problems, or as we call it ‘the delhi-belly’!